Five Must Haves For a Mommy To Be

When I was pregnant I was fortunate enough to be given a lot of great advice from my girlfriends and my sisters. It was as if I was now part of a club where women so readily wanted to help and share their stories. Believe me, I welcomed all the advice I received.  Once I knew I was pregnant, my relationship with medical sites and mommy blogs began. There are a handful of products that now as I look back, helped me tremendously during my pregnancy.

1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Obviously this book has been around for a long time but it is still a “must have”.  The website is also a great resource with anything from a Due Date Calculator to Baby Name suggestions.  This is still a great book for a new mom

2. Belly Beats – This product put most of my worries at ease. Before I could feel my daughter move, I was very paranoid about making sure she was OK. At the very beginning of my pregnancy I had two scares which made me anxious about this little miracle I was carrying.  Although I was extremely excited about becoming a mom, I was also terrified something would happen. A friend of mine recommended Belly Beats. It is the same type of Fetal Doppler that was used by my doctor’s office and can detect the heartbeat as early as 8 weeks in to your pregnancy. It was a comforting sound to hear her heartbeat when I couldn’t feel her move. The great thing about Belly Beats is that you don’t have to purchase the Doppler – these can be pretty pricey. You can rent one for $25 a month and return it whenever you want. The website has a variety of other products available

3. Boppy Body Pillow – When I found out that at some point in my pregnancy I would not be able to sleep on my back I almost cried. I have a bad back and sometimes can’t sleep in any other position. I hardly ever slept on my side and certainly never on my stomach. My sister sent me the Boppy Body Pillow. This pillow was so instrumental in being able to get a good night’s rest.  Ladies – know that your partner will not like the pillow and they may try to get rid of it (it does take up a lot of room) but that doesn’t matter. It’s not about them – it’s about you and your comfort.

4. Preggy Pops – Ah morning, afternoon, evening, night sickness! I had terrible food aversions my entire pregnancy. Chicken was my number one source of sickness and I normally love chicken. Then came the nausea. Once again, it was my older sister that recommended a solution.  Preggy Pops were a yummy alternative to ginger ale and crackers.

5. Belly Band – Because of a belly band I was able to wear my regular pants up until I was almost 6 months pregnant. The band is great not only for holding up your pants, but also for a little belly and lower back support. There are so many variations of belly bands out there that you are sure to find one you’ll like.

Expectant moms sometimes need a humorous perspective on pregnancy.  A great book to read is Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. A good friend of mine gave me this book when I first became pregnant. I know it has also been out there for a while, but any new mom would appreciate this book. I read it early in my pregnancy and thought it was so funny. I then read it again when I was 8 months pregnant and thought it was absolutely hilarious. At that point I could relate with so much that was in the book. Jenny gives you such an honest and funny account of what are sometimes the most unglamorous and embarrassing moments of pregnancy.


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