When your neighbor is having a fiesta and you’re not invited……

When I was young it seemed like every weekend we had a fiesta to attend. There was either a wedding, Quincen᷉era, graduation, or a birthday party taking place. A simple cook-out would turn in to a backyard party. Backyard parties were the absolute best. Anyone could drop by unannounced and there was always a feeling of inclusion. This is where the roles were clearly defined. The men would be standing  around the grill drinking beer, while the women were inside cooking and the kids were running around inside the house and outside in the yard.  Most of the time there was good music in the background whether it was a DJ, Mariachi, Trio or just your family members bringing out the instruments to have a jam session.

But what do you do if your neighbor is having a fiesta and you aren’t invited?  My younger sister, who I refer to as Mama Jen, had the right idea. She is a mother of 3 and her fiancé has 3 children as well. She always has a way of turning any situation around to make it enjoyable for her kids. Grant it, she doesn’t know this particular neighbor so the lack of invitation was not an insult.  Instead of complaining about the loud music, she decided to have a party of her own. She set up dinner for her family outside in her backyard and they danced all night to the neighbors’ music.  Leave it to a mom to be creative. So when the music is blasting and you weren’t invited, don’t get upset. Put your dancing shoes on and join the party!


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