Thank A Veteran

When my daughter is in bed and I have a little quiet time to myself, I enjoy going through old family pictures. I usually “steal” a few from my mother’s collection every time I go home and visit. Some of my favorites are the ones of just of my mother and father together pre-family. My father in his Air Force uniform with my mother standing right next to him happy he was home for a visit. I knew my father served in Vietnam and he shared a few stories but not many. A part of me wants to know what his life was like during that time yet another part of me doesn’t want to imagine what he witnessed. There are those who serve that readily share their experience and others who chose to keep those memories to themselves. Whatever the case, the sacrifice is one that will always be appreciated. Looking at those pictures, I wonder if they ever thought their lives would turn out the way it did….4 children, 6 grandchildren, and still married 43 years later. Our family was one of the lucky ones. My dad came home. To my grandfather (World War II Veteran who we lost this past May), my uncles, brother-in law, those who have served and especially my dad we thank you.

mom and dad


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