Spanx me?

Latinas are known for their natural curves in all the right places. I was never one of those Latinas. I was always very lean and lanky. I feel that I had many years of being in that awkward stage growing up. I’ve always believed in a good diet and exercise with the occasional indulgence. I certainly don’t deprive myself of any sweets or carbs. I worked out almost throughout my entire pregnancy which really kept my energy up.

It seemed that when I wasn’t eating at all due to my food aversions, my other half was eating everything and anything in sight. What makes that so strange is that he is one of those low-carb, low-fat, gym going guys. I truly believe he was suffering from Couvade Syndrome.

It’s been ten months since I’ve had my baby girl and I’ve been at my pre-baby weight almost the entire time. Although the weight is off, my clothes don’t fit, particularly my pants. Even with the good diet and exercise the shape of my body changed. I carry the weight in different places now. I wear dresses more than I care to because that’s all that does fit. A few days ago I asked my younger sister (mother of 3 in her early 30’s) if I’m too young to wear Spanx – grant it I’m in my late 30’s but like to think I’m still pretty young. Her reply was “No! No, you are NEVER too young to wear Spanx. You’ve had a baby, you SHOULD wear Spanx”. Umm…thank you for the encouragement? Then we had a conversation about Spanx – do they actually help?…. how do you get fitted?…. where are they sold?…. do I buy the brand Spanx or can I get another brand that does the same? Is wearing Spanx or body shapers a bad thing? I’m on the fence on whether it’s a stigma or not. I’ve never worn body shapers, not because of any reason other than it’s intimidating and overwhelming on what I should buy. There are so many types and brands out there – Spanx , Skinny Girl , Shatobu , Yummie Tummie …So my question is Body Shapers – Yes or No?


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