Summary of my homemade gifts for Christmas 2013…


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new but I have a great excuse. I was very fortunate to take time off work to spend with my little girl. Keeping up with an 11 month old and preparing for Christmas was an entirely new challenge for me. Even though it was my first time juggling motherhood and the holiday madness I still managed to produce some homemade treats and gifts for friends. The first one is a Pinterest project gone right! You can find so many ideas for this same wreath on Pinterest. I made this for my daughter’s daycare teacher.

What you will need:
2 Cross Stitch Hoops. One 10 inch and one 12 inch, crayons, some fun little decorations, and of course a glue gun and glue sticks
Set the 10 inch hoop inside the 12 inch hoop and start gluing the crayons all the way around to make a wreath. After crayons are set, decorate as desired.

I also bought a few mason jars and filled them with different kinds of candy and chocolate covered pretzels for the rest of the daycare staff.

I decorated the mason jar by wrapping Christmas ribbon around and gluing a poinsettia on top.

On the Dec 23rd I did some serious baking. Since my other half works every Christmas Eve and Christmas, I like to send big dessert platters with him to work. This year I had to limit myself to only a few kinds of cookies/desserts because I started my baking after my little one went to bed. Usually I prepare all day.

I made individual pumpkin cakes with cream cheese icing, Mexican wedding cookies (recipe from, pecan tassies, Mexican cinnamon cookies (both are family recipes), Kahlua coconut truffles, and gooey chocolate cookies.



I also make this Chex Mix snack every year. If you need a quick no bake treat, this is delicious and addicting!! I also make this for Easter and use the pastel color M&M’s

What you will need:
4 cups Rice Chex, 4 cups Corn Chex, 4 cups pretzel sticks, 1 cup M&M’s, and 1 package of almond bark.
Mix all ingredients (except almond bark) in a big bowl.
Melt almond bark over low heat in a saucepan stirring constantly. Make sure you don’t over heat it – it will get clumpy.
Pour melted almond bark in to bowl.
Mix well.
Place a few sheets of parchment paper on a clean counter top. Spread Chex Mix mixture on the parchment paper to dry for at least 15 minutes.
Once dry, break apart and place in decorative tins or bowls. I usually make 2 batches. One to give away and one for home.

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