My Top Baby Products


I know most first time moms have heard this comment “So, when are you planning on having another baby?” This question has been asked of me repeatedly, mostly by my mother and sisters. While I would love to have another baby soon, I want to enjoy my time with my little girl. It’s amazing to me how much I learned in just one year. There are items, toys and clothes that I never used but I bought because they were on a “must have” list. Then there are items I wish I had known about that would have made life easier or my baby more comfortable.

So now that I’m somewhat experienced – at least in newborns – I have come up with MY wish list of items when ready to plan for a second baby.

1) Healthy Mama

I’ll start with products I would definitely use during my next pregnancy if I needed them. I came across this brand recently at Babies “R” Us. What a great idea! I wish they were on the shelves when I was pregnant with Sophia. Healthy Mama offers pain relievers, antacids, prenatal vitamins, and energy drinks that are safe during pregnancy. I can’t tell you how many times I was searching the internet for remedies that were safe.  Of course, always consult with your doctor before taking anything. It’s just good to know this option is now available.


2) The Orbit Baby stroller

Other than the cool chic design, I fell in love with this stroller because it has 360 degree flexibility. So your child can face any way you want them to. My daughter suffers from acid reflux and has since she was 2 weeks old. So we purchased a stroller that can have her either facing us or facing out. Now that she’s older (and loves to people watch) we face her forward but one of us always walks ahead to check up and make sure she’s OK. This stroller is awesome! You can also face the baby sideways allowing them to take in their surroundings, yet allowing you to still keep an eye on them.


You can also purchase a sidekick attachment for your toddler. This would be perfect for our weekly theme park visits. While the Orbit is a little out of my budget, it would be well worth it.


3) The mamaRoo from 4moms

This isn’t your typical swing. It matches the natural movements of mom and dad as they are soothing their baby. It has five motions, five speeds, and a hook up for your Ipod.  I have heard nothing but great things about this product.


4) B.Box baby products

I want everything this brand has to offer! This baby bottle is a real space saver for diaper bags. I always have bottles + containers of measured out formula in my diaper bag which makes it pretty bulky. With the baby bottle, the container actually attaches to the bottom of the bottle and you can release the formula in to the bottle when you are ready to feed.


Their Baby Box holds diapers, wipes and a changing pad for those quick trips.

boxanimationTheir Snack Pack is a perfect size and has a no slip base


5) MimoThe Smart Baby Monitor

As I mentioned, my daughter has had acid reflux since she was 2 weeks old. She was put on medications, different formulas, went through tests for allergies, went to specialists….all within the first few weeks of her life. Because we had a few very serious scares where her breathing was affected,  our biggest fear was that something would happen while she was sleeping. Needless to say we haven’t slept in over a year! While she’s gotten better, we still check up on her multiple times a night.  The monitors where you put the pads underneath the crib mattresses are great, but the pad doesn’t cover the entire size of the mattress. So if you have a baby that moves a lot, the alarm sounds off every time they move away from the pad. This Smart Baby Monitor is a onesie that I would definitely get for baby #2. Not only does it track the breathing, it tells you what position your baby is sleeping in and monitors the sleep cycles. My baby girl has never been able to sleep through the night and I try to figure out how much sleep she’s actually getting. This would do all the work for me, making it easier to show her pediatrician.



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