Mom and Dad Invented Products


How many times have you watched Shark Tank and thought “Why didn’t I think of that!” Ever since having my daughter Shark Tank has become my Friday night date. I’m so inspired by those who dream, take a chance and actually develop their products. Here are a few mom and dad invented products I’ve run across on different blogs and magazines.

Patemm pad – This changing pad was developed by a mom who came up with a great solution for those quick trips. If I’m going to the grocery store or running a quick errand, I leave the diaper bag in the car and stick a diaper, changing pad and wipes in my purse just in case. This changing pad is a compact all-in-one.



Padalily – We have all struggled with baby carriers while out and about. At first it’s a breeze. You use your hand to carry the the carseat/carrier, but as your baby starts gaining weight you eventually use your forearm. Next thing you know you have a mark across your forearm from the handle digging in. Here is the solution – Padalily!



Wee Drool – My daughter started teething very early and before I knew it she had 8 teeth by the time she was 10 months! With all those teeth came a lot of drool…..everywhere. These bibs are so cute and stylish.



Sugar Snap – Moms love organization and it’s not surprising that this product was launched by two moms who each had a set of twins. I can not even imagine trying to pack a diaper bag for 2 babies. I always try to just carry my diaper bag (no purse) when I go to the theme parks. Naturally, I’m always struggling to find stuff I put in there. Whether it’s my cell phone, car keys, wallet, etc… Eventually I end up pulling everything out and just stuffing everything back in. And this is when I leave the house proud of myself because I have everything organized for the day! This organizer would save me a ton of time.



ImagineBaby – I was one of those moms covering my baby’s carrier with a blanket to give her some shade or keep the wind out.  She would fall asleep and of course, being an anxious mom, I would lift the little blanket every minute or so to check up on her. Again, here is a mom who found a solution! The Shade allows you to protect your baby from the elements and sun.



Baby K’tan – Developed by a mother who was not satisfied by the carriers on the market, these baby wraps support baby’s necks and bodies in a comfortable way. Just on my many trips to the theme parks I see the lack of support some of the carriers provide a baby. These wraps allow baby to feel like they are being held and snuggled by mom or dad while taking in their surroundings.


Lollacup – This product I actually did see on Shark Tank a few seasons ago. Now that my little girl is drinking from sippy cups, I run in to this problem every time. She tips the cup and can’t drink anything out of it. The Lollacup has a weighted straw that allows babies and toddlers get every last sip even when reclined.



DadGear – I cannot tell you how many times I have taken pictures of my other half with our daughter and he’s carrying a flowery diaper bag. Grant it, it takes a secure man to carry that around, especially when he’s spending his day off with our daughter and I’m not with them. DadGear was started by 2 dads who wanted something fashionable and functional.  The company has been around a long time but again, this is a list about mom and dad invented products. Their product line has expanded and they offer messenger bags, diaper vests and cargo jackets.  I will definitely be ordering my other half a messenger bag! No more carrying flowery diaper bags on his visits to the Disney World parks.




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