Decorating Inspiration for the Holidays

We just got through Halloween, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I love to have decorations throughout my home for my Thanksgiving celebration.  As I get ready to plan out my holiday decorating I find myself always looking to my very talented friend Christopher Todd for inspiration. He’s truly one of the most creative event, interior, floral and Holiday designers I’ve come across. I have been very fortunate to develop friendships with people I find inspiring through the line of work that I do. Christopher was my colleague when we worked together at the CineVegas Film Festival in Las Vegas.  I’m constantly looking through his online gallery to get ideas for my home. I just love how he brings modern and traditional elements together so seamlessly. I’ll be picking a few of these designs and implementing them in my home (on a smaller scale of course).  You can find more pictures and contact information by visiting his website at Christopher Todd Design





Christopher Todd Design Facebook 

Christoper Todd Design Instagram



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