Easy Minion Cupcakes

I’ve always loved to bake. Ever since I was very young, I was the baker in the family and my sisters were the cooks.  They can whip up a 3 course meal on a whim while I like to really take my time looking up recipes and follow them step by step. Now that I have my daughter, I make it a point to always have her in the kitchen with me helping prepare meals or desserts. Baking is something that she really loves to do. It calms her down, really allows her to focus and lets face it, the end result is delicious!  Since we’ve been surrounded by all things Minions lately, I decided to make these cute cupcakes. They are all over Pinterest and you can find an easy tutorial by the Nerdy Nummies on Youtube:



Nerdy Nummies made banana cupcakes but I decided to make this first batch with regular box cake

What you will need:

  • Twinkies
  • box of cake mix (this depends on how many cupcakes you are making)
  • container of icing
  • blue and yellow food coloring
  • blue cupcake liners
  • Smarties  for the eyes
  • black Wilton Sparkle Gel  for the goggles, eyes and mouth
  • chocolate sprinkles (or chocolate jimmies) for the hair


Cut the Twinkies in half

DSC00594Open a few of the smarties and pick out the white ones for the eyes


Prepare cake mix according to directions on the box


Make sure you have your audience of Minions watching




Place your liners in the pan



While the cupcakes are baking (I forgot to take pictures of them ready to go in the oven) assemble the Minion faces. Use the black gel to place 2 dots for the eyes, place white candies on top and draw a line on either side of the eyes to outline the goggles. Next just draw any kind of smile you want.



While cupcakes cool – place a few drops of blue coloring in the icing and mix well (forgot to take a picture of this too….bad blogger!!).


Finally frost the cupcakes and place the Minions on top.




3 thoughts on “Easy Minion Cupcakes

  1. Another great post! These are fun and easy! Your daughter is gorgeous looks like she really knows what she is doing. I can’t wait to try these at home. Thanks for sharing

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