Panda Express Orange Chicken Love


A family that consists of a toddler, tween, and teen hardly ever agree on what to have for dinner. We usually end up cooking 2 different meals to satisfy everyone. One meal we always agree on is Orange Chicken from Panda Express. Like so many families, we try to plan our menu for the week but there are some days you just have to eat out due to hectic schedules. After a busy day at work, busy day at school and after school activities, the last thing you want is a debate over what to have for dinner.

It’s amazing I was able to take a picture of the box untouched….. usually if these guys see a Panda Express box, they tear right into it.


Double Orange Chicken and Chow Mein for one

Double Orange Chicken and White Rice for the other

Yes, these guys are hard at work and enjoying their delicious dinner

He’s been eating only a few minutes and it’s almost gone!


I think these two are the biggest Orange Chicken fans!


Nothing beats Orange Chicken and a few laughs with your brother.




If you haven’t tried Orange Chicken yet, make sure you catch the Orange Chicken Love Truck Tour complete with an Orange Carpet and an Orange Chicken Lounge.  Click HERE for the food truck schedule.

Share your love for Orange Chicken

Take pictures of you and your family enjoying Orange Chicken and use hashtag #orangechickenlove


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