Fall Harvest Snacks for Toddlers

While trying to find cute, easy, Fall Harvest Treats for toddlers –  I came across this great idea by Party Pinching  They were so fun to make!


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What you need:

Juice boxes of your choice


Garland of autumn leaves


Black marker (to draw the faces)

Glue gun and glue

(other embelishments – optional)


Cut ribbon to fit around the juice box.

Wrap it around the juice box and secure. I used tape rather than glue to keep it in place.

Cut the leaves from the garland.

Draw cute little faces on the Clementines.

Tape any small candy to the sides of the juice box – these will be the arms. I decided to use Smarties.

Next glue one of the leaves on top of the juice box and then glue the Clementine on top of that.

All boxed up and ready for the kids at daycare!


You can definitely add more candy as the legs (I didn’t want to give the kids too much candy). Party Pinching also added cute little hats – if you can’t find the hats she used, simply cut some from craft foam.




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