Bring the Fun Back to Breakfast with Star Wars and General Mills

As with many families, the anticipation of the new Star Wars film has been brewing in our household. Even my almost 3-year old daughter has gotten in on the fun without being exposed to any of the Star Wars films. She’s definitely a fan in the making. Here she is with her brothers on Halloween – yes she was a Storm Trooper.


Our family goes through a lot of cereal, so it was great to see that not only has General Mills teamed up with Star Wars to offer themed cereals, they have also included prizes in the box. Ah remember the good-ol’ days when you fought your siblings to see who would get the prize?  I sure do!

My daughter was so excited to find the droid view finder in the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box. Not only did we enjoy a bowl of cereal this morning, we also decided to make Star Wars themed cupcakes and used Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ to create a Tie Fighter. It was so simple, we just used a mini marshmallow and put a dab of icing on either end to hold the mini toasts in place.

Collect all 6 view finders shaped like characters from The Force Awakens movie. Each view finder contains an exclusive scene from the movie. You can download a coupon for 75 cents off your purchase of Big G Cereals by clicking here.
Many thanks to General Mills for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to participate in the Star Wars offer!



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