DIY Snack Filled Snowman

These snowmen are so adorable and really simple to make. I gave some of these to my daughter’s daycare teachers and they absolutely loved them. It was a creative way to give them infinity scarves and a treat for their family to enjoy. You can fill these with any white snack…. popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, white chocolate popcorn, or white cheddar cheese puffs.

What you will need to make 3 Snowmen:

.5 gallon plastic fish bowls. I found these at PetSmart

6 large black buttons for the eyes

6 medium size white buttons for the eyes

15 small black buttons for the nose

6 orange small craft pom poms

6 small candy shape ornaments or anything you can find that will make cute buttons

3 small black hats – I was able to find the glitter ones at Party City

Plastic wrap

Clear packing tape

I found these variety packs of buttons, orange craft pom poms and small candy ornaments at Michael’s.

Here are the cute little hats. You certainly can get creative with this and use a beanie hat as well.

Separate the buttons for each Snowman – 2 large black, 2 medium white, 5 small black for each Snowman.

Here are the .5 gallon plastic fishbowls. What I liked about these is that they are flat on both sides making it easy to glue on the buttons.

Make sure you wash and dry the bowls before using them.

I found this garland of small bells and thought it would be great for the Snowmen.

Lastly, I used 3 infinity scarves, but of course you can use any type of scarf or pretty ribbon.

After you have washed and dried the bowls, lay one flat and place the eyes where you think they look good. I placed them close to the top because I wanted to tilt the nose upwards so I wanted to have enough room.

Next glue the white buttons.

At this point I placed the 5 black buttons (before I glued them) on the bowl to see where the nose should go. Once you think it looks good, glue away!

Repeat the process for the other 2 “face” bowls.

Next, glue 3 “buttons” to each of the other 3 bowls.

Here is what they look like empty. *** Note I glued the hat after I filled the bowls with cheese puffs****

Next, fill the bowls with delicious snacks and decorate. After I filled each bowl, I used plastic wrap to cover the tops of each. Once sealed, I placed one on top of the other and used clear plastic tape and taped the bowls together. No one will see the tape once you decorate it with the scarf or ribbon around the neck.









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