Make Great Moments Happen with NESCAFÉ Clásico and Ricky Martin


As busy as people tend to be these days it’s really important to take a step back, take a chance and make great moments happen. We have 3 kids in 3 different age categories so life is busy for us as parents. There is no doubt that the kids inspire us to live life to the fullest and not sweat the small stuff. When we do have free time together as a family, we like to spend time at the beach, theme parks or just hang out at home. For my fiance’ and I, it’s the little moments that count. There are those occasions when the kids are still sleeping and we’re downstairs enjoying a cup of NESCAFÉ Clásico. I love to look through family pictures and think how quickly time goes by especially when you are always on the go.

Now NESCAFÉ Clásico is offering you the chance to make something great happen. This is a once in a lifetime experience in which fans get to see their favorite artist, Ricky Martin, up close and personal in a private concert tailor-made for NESCAFÉ Clásico!

Step 1:

Find the NESCAFÉ Clásico jar code.*

Step 2:
Enter the jar code in the Nescafe website here

Step 3:
Finish the registration process and you’ll be joining forces with thousands of fans to make this concert a reality.

Once the goal is reached, all who registered will immediately get an access to the live streaming concert on the day of the event. On top of that, all who participated get a chance to go to the concert in person with a guest!

The more you participate, the more chances you have to win!

*The entry code is a ten-digit number located on the back or bottom of your NESCAFÉ Clásico jar.






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