Mickey Mouse Halloween Wreath



I’ve received a couple of questions about a wreath I made a few years ago. We are a Disney family so it made sense to make a Disney themed wreath. My daughter was starting to recognize Mickey Mouse which is why I thought about making a wreath that was fun for her.

Here is what you’ll need:

3 styrofoam wreaths

I used a 14 inch and two 9.8 inch wreaths. It really depends on what size you want the wreath to be.

You can find these at any craft store. I actually found the smaller ones at the Dollar Store.


Image result for green styrofoam wreath forms sizes

Buy enough black tulle to cover all wreaths. I used about 8 spools of Michael’s Celebrate It brand (6 in X 20 yd) and cut out 18 inch strips.

Image result for celebrate it black tulle

You’ll also need a variety of Halloween crafts, decorations, etc. It really depends on you and what theme you want your Mickey to be.

Displaying WP_20161009_09_15_09_Pro.jpg

There are some great tutorials on Pinterest for Tulle Wreaths, like the one from Modern Day Homemaker .

Before you start the Tulle process, you have to wrap the wreath with black fabric or paper. I used black crepe paper. This is so the green doesn’t show through the black sheer tulle.


Next start working the tulle around the wreath. Leave 2 spaces on the large wreath for the ears.


When working on the ears, leave the bottom portion wrapped.


Next attach the ears by wrapping the tulle around both wreaths until secure.


Next, decorate your wreath. I used a pack of small glittered styrofoam balls and made Mickey heads.


Below is the wreath from 2 years ago…

Mickey Mouse Halloween Wreath:






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