Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I saw some great Halloween ideas posted on www.mollysims.com a few days ago. Being in the Halloween Spirit, I made a batch of Chocolate Covered Pretzels last night after I put my little one to bed. These were easy and delicious!  I love having quick one bite treats in the house.


picstitch 3
I couldn’t find unsalted pretzels at the store. The salt actually added a nice kick of flavor.
picstitch 2
These Wilton Sprinkles were just the right size for the pretzels.
picstitch 1
After dipping the pretzels in chocolate, I let them dry on parchment paper. I added the sprinkles while the chocolate was still warm. The hardest part was making sure no one touched them for at least 10 minutes while the chocolate hardened.
Carefully place the pretzels in a bowl or on a plate and enjoy!!