Celebrating with Mariachi Cobre

Better late than never! Here is the recap of Mariachi Cobre’s holiday party to celebrate the incoming New Year. Just like last year it was full of music, food and laughs. A few of the members were missing but as … Continue reading

When your neighbor is having a fiesta and you’re not invited……

When I was young it seemed like every weekend we had a fiesta to attend. There was either a wedding, Quincen᷉era, graduation, or a birthday party taking place. A simple cook-out would turn in to a backyard party. Backyard parties were the absolute best. Anyone could drop by unannounced and there was always a feeling of inclusion. This is where the roles were clearly defined. The men would be standing  around the grill drinking beer, while the women were inside cooking and the kids were running around inside the house and outside in the yard.  Most of the time there was good music in the background whether it was a DJ, Mariachi, Trio or just your family members bringing out the instruments to have a jam session.

But what do you do if your neighbor is having a fiesta and you aren’t invited?  My younger sister, who I refer to as Mama Jen, had the right idea. She is a mother of 3 and her fiancé has 3 children as well. She always has a way of turning any situation around to make it enjoyable for her kids. Grant it, she doesn’t know this particular neighbor so the lack of invitation was not an insult.  Instead of complaining about the loud music, she decided to have a party of her own. She set up dinner for her family outside in her backyard and they danced all night to the neighbors’ music.  Leave it to a mom to be creative. So when the music is blasting and you weren’t invited, don’t get upset. Put your dancing shoes on and join the party!

A Little Piece of Home in Orlando

There are many things I love about living in Orlando, FL. Although the summers can be brutal with the heat and humidity, the beaches are nearby, everywhere you turn there are theme parks, attractions, and good restaurants, so there is always something to do. As my favorite time of the year is approaching, I try to do as many outdoor activities as I can. This includes the fall festivals and of course the Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center. The festival is great for foodies and wine lovers. Not only do I go for the food, I go to visit one particular group of entertainers.

I grew up in a border city and was always exposed to Latin music. I danced Ballet Folklorico from ages 6 to 19, so Mariachi music was a part of my every day life. Every big event, birthday party, backyard party, wedding, graduation, or festival always had a Mariachi group performing. As a performer at EPCOT (many moons ago)  I was blessed to meet Mariachi Cobre. I say blessed, because I moved away from home with a group of friends at age 19 and was terribly homesick.  Meeting this group of musicians brought a little bit of home back to me and I am proud to say they have been a second family for over 17 years.

So now that the weather is cooling down, on Saturdays I pack up my baby girl (bottles, pacifiers, food, toys, umbrella, diapers, wipes, teethers, stroller, hat, sunblock, blanket, and anything else I can possibly think of that I really don’t need) and go catch a few of her dad’s shows who performs with Mariachi Cobre. I love that she will grow up around the music we both grew up with. To me, it’s all about exposing her to our Mexican culture and traditions even if we do live so far away from our hometowns.

The video is courtesy of www.worldofwalt.com – a great resource for those visiting the Orlando area.  The video was taken during the Cinco de Mayo festivities http://www.worldofwalt.com/mexico-cinco-de-mayo-2013.html