The COCO Effect

It's been a few weeks since the Pixar movie COCO was released. I took my daughter to see the film the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I wasn't sure what the reaction would be since she knew a little about Dia de Los Muertos - only what she had seen on an episode of Elena of Avalor … Continue reading The COCO Effect


Celebrating with Mariachi Cobre

Better late than never! Here is the recap of Mariachi Cobre's holiday party to celebrate the incoming New Year. Just like last year it was full of music, food and laughs. A few of the members were missing but as always, we are grateful for having each other throughout the year. As usual the food … Continue reading Celebrating with Mariachi Cobre

When your neighbor is having a fiesta and you’re not invited……

When I was young it seemed like every weekend we had a fiesta to attend. There was either a wedding, Quincen᷉era, graduation, or a birthday party taking place. A simple cook-out would turn in to a backyard party. Backyard parties were the absolute best. Anyone could drop by unannounced and there was always a feeling … Continue reading When your neighbor is having a fiesta and you’re not invited……

A Little Piece of Home in Orlando

There are many things I love about living in Orlando, FL. Although the summers can be brutal with the heat and humidity, the beaches are nearby, everywhere you turn there are theme parks, attractions, and good restaurants, so there is always something to do. As my favorite time of the year is approaching, I try to … Continue reading A Little Piece of Home in Orlando