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When your neighbor is having a fiesta and you’re not invited……

When I was young it seemed like every weekend we had a fiesta to attend. There was either a wedding, Quincen᷉era, graduation, or a birthday party taking place. A simple cook-out would turn in to a backyard party. Backyard parties were the absolute best. Anyone could drop by unannounced and there was always a feeling of inclusion. This is where the roles were clearly defined. The men would be standing  around the grill drinking beer, while the women were inside cooking and the kids were running around inside the house and outside in the yard.  Most of the time there was good music in the background whether it was a DJ, Mariachi, Trio or just your family members bringing out the instruments to have a jam session.

But what do you do if your neighbor is having a fiesta and you aren’t invited?  My younger sister, who I refer to as Mama Jen, had the right idea. She is a mother of 3 and her fiancé has 3 children as well. She always has a way of turning any situation around to make it enjoyable for her kids. Grant it, she doesn’t know this particular neighbor so the lack of invitation was not an insult.  Instead of complaining about the loud music, she decided to have a party of her own. She set up dinner for her family outside in her backyard and they danced all night to the neighbors’ music.  Leave it to a mom to be creative. So when the music is blasting and you weren’t invited, don’t get upset. Put your dancing shoes on and join the party!

Typical Morning

The morning starts off with the sound of a trumpet playing followed by singing, giggling, and clapping. No I have not lost my mind completely. These sounds are not just in my head. They are the sounds of my household getting ready for the day. I make it a point to wake up earlier than everyone so I can try and get myself ready before the craziness begins but somehow I’m always running late. My other half is a musician so he’s warming up and vocalizing, my baby girl is crawling around giggling, clapping and I’m trying to finish putting on my make-up. We have the Disney Channel on in one room and of course the Today Show in another – the Today Show, just like my coffee is essential to the start of my day.

As any mommy can relate (working, stay-at-home, single or married) mornings can be full of chaotic activity. Being a first time mom with a 9 month old, there are days when I feel like we have finally fallen into a routine then there are days when I feel my life will never have structure again. Part of what makes this new journey exciting is not knowing what to expect each morning. Once my other half is heading out the door with our baby girl, no matter how rushed I am, I make it a point to stop everything give her a kiss, tell her I love her and send her off. It’s so important to take those little moments for ourselves and our children.

It may seem to my co-workers that I have it all together, little do they know that I’m finishing up my make-up and checking for formula/spit up stains on my clothes in the parking lot. So far the worst thing that has happened to me since returning to work is forgetting to wash the conditioner off my hair. Ah you gotta love Morning Madness